Monday, February 4, 2008

Make your wedding "Scent-sational!"

The title sounds a bit cheesy, but it's true. The newest wedding trend is all about finding a signature scent to fragrance your wedding celebration.

Scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers. Everyone can remember a time when a fragrance brought us back to a specific memory. Sometimes it's a cologne, sometimes it's the smell of a certain delicious goodie baking. But scent can transport us to another time and place quicker than any other sensory experience.

Savvy brides are creating that kind of scent imprint on the minds of their guests in their wedding celebrations. By choosing a signature scent, not only do you personalize your own event, but you also create an opportunity to whisk your guests back to your special day every time they smell a fragrance from your celebration.

There are many ways to infuse your event with scent. Candles are a fabulous way to do this. Place scented votives all over your reception space. You can also rent or purchase a fragrance machine that discreetly releases your signature scent throughout the party.

A word of caution however: avoid extremely strong scents, and don't overdo even a light fragrance. You don't want to cause troubles for guests who may have allergies or sensitivities to strong smell. A distinct, but subtle fragrance is the best way to go.

Earthy, natural brides may be drawn to clean, crisp, herbal scents. Rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil are all good places to start.

Are you a bride with a sweet tooth? Try vanilla, cookies, or brownie-type scents. (Yankee Candle is a great place for getting these delicious smells!)

Are you planning a bold, bright event? A citrus scent, with orange or lemon might be the perfect choice.

An ultra-formal event, with silk fabrics, dim lighting, and deep colors calls for a more brooding scent. Choose an oriental fragrance or a musk.

Ask your coordinator to help you brainstorm the perfect scent for your event. Your guests will be treated to a sensory experience that will truly set your wedding apart!