Friday, March 28, 2008

Exciting New Changes Coming!!

The Flaire Weddings and Events website and logo will be experiencing a fresh, new updated look.

Our new website should launch within the next week. The new site will feature flash galleries of six of our latest weddings, updated testimonials, pricing, and package information. Also, the new website will showcase our beach packages! We began offering all-inclusive beach packages in the Fall of 2007, and they have been hugely popular, especially among destination brides.

Check back in a few days to see the new site!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...
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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Love the new look!! And oooh.. thanks for showcasing some of my artwork from Naomi & Jon's wedding! You rock :)

Brides, hire Flaire Weddings and Events!

(PS - I deleted my first comment b/c I, too, can't spell when typing fast!)

Scarlett Lillian said...

I love the look of your new website!! Congrats girl!! Let me know if you need any more photos for your site!

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Thanks so much for the comments girls! I'm really excited about it too -- Scarlett -- I'll be seeing you at Tracy's wedding on May 31st -- I'm sure you'll get some fabulous shots then!!