Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Personal Announcement!

The Flaire Weddings and Events family is growing!!

Okay, not the company family per se, but the Cherneski family!

In late April or early May of 2010, we are expecting a new little bundle of joy! We don't yet know whether or not we're having a boy or girl -- we should find that out in early December, and will be sure to update everyone here!!

Our toddler, Ian, is thrilled too (as much as he understands) and on a daily basis, changes his mind on whether he wants a baby "brudder" or sister. :)

What does this mean for our weddings? It shouldn't affect anything that's currently scheduled. However, I will be taking maternity leave for all of April and the first 3 weeks in May (a May 29th wedding will be bringing me back to wedding fun!). Should you be interested in getting married during that time however, please let us know. One of our associate planners would be thrilled to assist you with your big day.

Thanks so much for sharing in our joy with this big news, and we will be sure to keep you posted along the way!

~The Cherneski Family


Nicole-Lynn said...


Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

That's so awesome, Congrats!

Devon said...


Precious said...

Congrats to you and your family!!

Erin said...


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Fabulous!! Congratulations to you and John!!

So wait a were preggers when Bobby and I worked with you last month?? WOW! We couldn't tell, but then again it was probably too early to show signs :) Congrats again, and I'm very happy for you guys!! Ian's gonna have fun :)