Saturday, August 2, 2008

Professional Pictures...... of Me! =)

Recently, I decided I needed to update my website, blog, and other marketing materials with some pictures of myself, just to personalize them a bit more.

One of my favorite wedding photographers, Agnes Lopez, also has a studio where she focuses on portraits for actors, models, and business owners, called Pose Well Studios.

What's so wonderful about her services is that she also includes hair and makeup with each session!

I am so pleased with the results, and while many of you may have seen the shot I've put here on the blog, or perhaps the one on my website and Facebook page, I wanted the opportunity to show off a few others.

Agnes did a wonderful job. I thought my makeup was great as well, thanks to the fabulous Jackie Neal.

Let me know what you think!


alison miller photography said...

Very nice! I really like the ones on the chair.

Lisa said...

Those are great!


Ahhh!!! I love the ones in the white chair!!! You look SOOO awesome!!!

Such cute pics of you!!!

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Thanks everyone! The chair shots seem to be the most popular! I might have to go update my website now.. =)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

They're awesome!! You look sizzling hot and Agnes did a super job :)

pinkcoffee photoart said...

thank you for the votes! it was definitely a fun contest.

ps-you look HOT in pink!!