Saturday, November 15, 2008

5 Steps to a “Magazine-Worthy” Wedding

I would venture to say most women planning their wedding have flipped through at least one bridal magazine.

Buying that first bridal magazine as you proudly sport your new ring is almost like a rite of passage. You smile happily as the cashier knowingly looks at your hand.

You page through the magazine and see stunning pictures.

You think, “I hope my wedding is this beautiful!”

It can be. The real weddings that make it into the magazines have five things in common.
Here are our top five tips to ensuring that your nuptials are worthy of your favorite wedding mag!

1. Hire an outstanding photographer.
You never see mediocre pictures in the magazines. A good photographer doesn’t have to cost a fortune though. There are many fabulous artists just starting out who can give you a good price. If funds are available, however, by all means, splurge on the best photographer you can afford.
2. Don’t neglect the details.
Some of the simplest details have the biggest impact. Can you make a cute “Wedding This Way” sign? Can you label the action stations at your reception? Go through the things you have to have in your wedding anyway and personalize them. Some places to start: place cards/ escort cards, table chart, table numbers, menu cards, station labels, favor stickers, etc. Also, make sure your photographer gets creative shots of these details, because that’s what the magazines want.
3. Create “pops” of color.
Color stands out in magazines, and in photos. Even if your main colors are pale, find places to accent with color “pops.” Think table fabrics, bridesmaid gowns, flowers.
4. Coordinate your paper goods.
Have a coordinating motif, monogram, pattern, font, logo, etc. on all your printed details. From your invites to your programs to your menu cards and table numbers, there should be continuity. A coordinated suite, especially one custom-designed is wonderful.
5. Focus on one or two “wow” factor items.
Most of us can’t afford to have every fabulous idea out there. There’s also the risk of going overboard, which you want to avoid. But focus on one or two really show-stopping design elements to give your wedding that special flaire. Think about an over-the-top escort card display. A fabulously set candy buffet, completely color coordinated, using specialty containers. A ceiling treatment or an out-of-this-world cake table.

By following these simple steps, your wedding will be worthy of any bridal magazine! Try submitting your wedding photos and detail shots to various blogs, magazines, and websites. You’re bound to be featured on at least one!

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Kerline Docteur said...

Cassie, this is a great blog post. Great advice that many brides will be able to apply to their special day. I will be linking back to you on this one.