Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming this weekend: The Wedding of Gabrielle and Ben

Gabrielle contacted me back in the fall for help with their day-of coordination. She and her fiance Ben were planning a St. Augustine wedding from Melbourne, and they knew they needed some assistance for the day. We scheduled a consultation and I thought all was good to go.

Then Gabrielle emailed me a few days later to let me know that she and her fiance decided to cancel the big affair they were planning, and do something small and simple.

No problem. I completely understand how weddings can quickly blow up into huge productions.

Then, in December, I got another email from Gabrielle. Yes, they changed the date. Yes, they were doing something much smaller. But she still needed help and it felt like more guests were being added to the list daily!

Agan, no problem! We are definitely here to assist. =)

I'm heading out in a few hours for Gabrielle and Ben's rehearsal at The White Room Loft, but before I go I wanted to post a few of their cute engagement shots I found on the blog of their photographer, Elegant Imagery.

Aren't Gabrielle's pink shoes so cute?

Congratulations Gabrielle and Ben. We're so excited to be helping with your wedding!


Devon said...

So excited for this! Gabrielle is so sweet and I wish her a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Cassandra! I love love love getting encouragement from other planners. Those pink shoes really are super cute!