Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming this Weekend: The Wedding of Danielle and Jay

Wow. It's hard to believe it's here already. I've been working with Danielle since July, and while we've done SO much planning, sometimes it seems like just yesterday we were out touring venues and discussing the wedding theme.

Danielle and Jay will be married this coming Saturday in a stunning ceremony at Riverside Baptist Church, followed by a Modern Chic Reception at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. I am super excited about this wedding, and can't wait to post about it once it's over! Danielle and I have really focused on the details in her planning, and I can't wait to show all my blog readers some of the amazing surprises we have in store!!

For now, here are some shots from their engagement session with fab photographer Scarlett Lillian. I'll post wedding shots as soon as I have them!



pink coffee photoart said...

i'm so excited for their wedding-whoo hoo!!!

Scarlett Lillian said...

I can't wait to capture all the details you gals have been working so hard on! :-)

KB {kathryn brown photography} said...

Scarlett is a great photographer and I know with your eye this wedding will be gorgeous! She will just have a field day with all the little details :)

Ali said...

Had so much fun with you the other night! I hope you got some sleep before church this morning! :)