Monday, March 9, 2009

Q&A Monday

Question: I just discovered I have an extra $1,000 in my wedding budget. Where should I spend it for the maximum impact?

Answer: This is an excellent problem to have. Now, you could always put that money aside for your upcoming married life.

But... if you're desperate to spend it.... we HIGHLY recommend renting event lighting! Uplighting, pin spots, and gobos can turn an ordinary event into something truly spectacular. Imagine walking into a standard banquet room in a hotel, but instead of seeing the bland walls and ugly carpeting, you see that the room is washed in your wedding colors. The room has a glow to it, and you can feel the energy in the room.

Can lighting really make that big of a difference? Absolutely!

Check out these images from

Uplighting definitely sets the mood and sets your event apart from the rest. There are several awesome lighting vendors here in Northeast Florida that we love to recommend to our brides. But remember: Lighting is just one piece of the "event design puzzle." If you'd like customized assistance with your event design, please drop us a line!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Yay for lighting!! :) I like the one where it has the bride & groom's initials w/ the wedding date :)

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Cory -- I'm sure you've seen at the various weddings you've shot -- it makes such a difference doesn't it? I wish all brides and grooms would choose this splurge! =)