Monday, March 23, 2009

Q&A Monday: Beach Wedding Backup Plan

Question: I'm planning a beach wedding. What do you recommend as a back-up plan in case of rain?

Answer: A back-up plan is a must. If you're planning a beach wedding, especially here in Florida, keep in mind that the weather can be very unpredictable, sometimes changing from hour to hour. If you're planning a beach wedding, you have several options for your back-up plan.

1) Check to see if the beach you're planning to marry on has "pavilions" for rent. These pavilions are usually covered and have some sort of seating. These are usually reserved through the same state or city office you got your beach permit from. This is probably the simplest, quickest back-up option for beach weddings.

2) Consider renting a tent as your back-up plan. This plan usually takes a little more fore-though, as many rental companies require a few days notice to get a tent and an installation crew ready to go. However, if you're keeping an eye on the weather and rain is headed your way, putting a back-up tent on "hold" with a rental company is not a bad idea. Sometimes there's a deposit involved, which may be lost if you end up not needing the tent, but often that's a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with having a good back-up option.

3) Sometimes, being outdoors is not a good option at all. In severe winds, tents can have difficulty stading, and rain can blow in through a pavilion's open sides. If this is the case, consider moving the ceremony to the space where your reception will be held. It may mean a quick flip of the room to change from a ceremony set-up to a reception set-up, or it may mean that you've got your guests sitting at tables while you say your vows. However, if severe weather threatens, this very well may be your best bet.

4) If your wedding is very small, very casual, and very flexible, you have the option of changing your ceremony time or ceremony date. Especially here in Florida, we can have gorgeous mornings and then stormy afternoons, or vice versa. Keep a close eye on the weather predictions, and if your guests can quickly be notified, sometimes a change in time can be a viable alternative. If all your guests are from out of town, and are setting aside several days to celebrate with you, pushing the ceremony back a day might work too. If you go this route, be SURE to check with all your vendors to make sure a switch will work. Again, this option will be best for those with very small beach weddings, especially if there is no true "reception" planned, or maybe just a nice dinner afterward.

5) Finally, there's the "brave-the-rain" method. Maybe it's just sprinkling. Maybe the showers are off and on. But if your guests are as fun-loving and carefree as you are, a little rain never hurt anyone. Grab your umbrella in one hand, your bouquet in the other, and head down that aisle!

Above all, your best bet when planning a beach wedding is to be flexible. Beach brides tend to be spontaneous, and fun-loving, and this attitude will definitely serve you well if nature doesn't follow your well-laid plans! And remember, having a coordinator is a must. If a back-up plan must be executed, your coordinator will have the skill and connections to make that happen for you. Your coordinator will defintely be able to handle what could potentially be a very stressful situation!

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Bradford said...

Absolutely right! Back up plans are a must and having a planner will make any changes far less stressful!